BEATBALM Lite™ Incredibly Loud, Ultra-Portable, Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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BEATBALM Lite™ is the ultimate on-the-go premium Bluetooth speaker that's as small as a lip-balm case so it fits anywhere.

Designed in California and utilizing premium manufacturing methods, MICROBEATZ® developed the No. 1 portable speaker in it's weight class, bar none.

BEATBALM Lite™ is the most convenient, ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker available. Plus, it packs the most power, pound-for-pound.

BEATBALM™ is the flagship model from the Los Angeles based company. MICROBEATZ­® makes incredibly loud, ultra-portable premium wireless speakers.

  • Lightweight and easy-to-use 
  • Compatible with iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies and any other Android, Windows, Mac or iOS device with Bluetooth wireless technology. 
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls and speakerphone conference calls 
  • Camera actuator - control your camera shutter wirelessly. The bluetooth camera remote allows you to snap selfies, group pictures with the speaker power/pair button.
  • Up to 2 hours at Max volume


    • Model BEATBALM Lite™
    • Product Line: BEATBALM™ 
    • Designed by: MICROBEATZ®
    • Product Type: Wireless Powered Speaker with Microphone
    • Available Colors: Anodized Black, Gold, Silver & Rose Gold
    • Interface: Bluetooth

    S Y S T E M

        • Speaker Type, Amplification: Active, Integrated
        • Controls: Power on / off, Bluetooth Connect, Bluetooh Keyboard
        • Bluetooth Version, Range3.0, 10m
        • Transmitting Frequency: 20Hz - 20kHz
        • Total Harmonic Distortion: HD < 1%
        • Sensitivity in db: > 90DB

        S P E A K E R

        • Type: Driver
        • Driver Quantity: 1
        • Driver Diameter: 1”

        P O W E R


        • Time to charge from 10% to 95%: less than 1 hour
        • Time to charge from 5% to 100%: 1.5 hours
        • Battery life at normal use (volume at 75%): 2-4 hours
        • Battery life at MAX volume: 1.5 hours
        • Battery life on standby: 17 hours
        • Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
        • Capacity: 3.7V / 300mAh
        • Charging Voltage: DC 5V

        S I Z E


        • Item dimensions Width: 28.5 mm, Height: 34 mm
        • Item weight 33 g
        • Package dimensions 2.25”W x 3.25”H x 1.75”D
        • Single item shipping weight with shipping box: 3.7 ounces.

        WARRANTY: 1 year, bumper-to-bumper 

        SUPPORT HOURS: Monday - Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM

        PHONE: +1 (802) GET-TINYSHIPPING COST: Free

        INITIAL BATTERY LEVEL: Approximately 25%

        ESTIMATED DELIVERY: 3 days